Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sunny's Hair Extension Institute List Of Classes 2010

KERATIP  and  Micro Keratip Class

Learn the most popular method of Strand by Strand Extensions. A keratin polymer bond attaches directly to the hair shaft to create flawless integration .  In the Keratin Hair Extension class you will learn consultation, application, maintenance, removal and styling techniques. You will receive Kera Fusing Tool, D Bond Remover Gel, Color Ring and practice hair. This method is taught with Sapphire Collection Pre-Tipped Hair.
$550 Master Kit Retail Value $425*

No heat, no glue...this class explores hair extension methods for the most healthy method of hair extension application. The beads are the secret sauce and we teach you how to transform any clients hair into a flowing mane of healthy hair. In the Cold & Hot Fusion Hair Extension Class you will receive a Hair Extension Master Kit that includes all the tools for removal and application and a color ring retail value of $550*
$850 includes Master Kit retail value $550.

Seamless Skin Weft 
A simple and efficient new method of hair extensions that allows stylist to transform a client's hair in less than two hours with hand tied skin weft seamless hair extensions.  This method popularized by Lauren Conrad of The Hills allows clients to have seamless low maintenance extensions that are perfect for fine and thinning hair.  This class does not include any materials.  Students will be required to bring their own mannequin or a secure a model.

Clip In Hair Extensions
This class teaches stylist the ultimate in hair extensions.  Clip In Hair extensions are an essential to any stylist on a film, television or editorial set.  This class teaches fundamentals of working with clip in extensions, styling options and a basic tutorial in how to position yourself as a custom clip in hair extension specialist. This class does not include any materials or mannequins.

Micro Silica Cold Fusion
Our new class focuses in on the most in demand method of hair extensions!  This class shows how to transform your clients hair with individual strand by strand extensions that use no glue, heat or wefts.  This method allows free flowing hair extensions that allow your client's to grow their hair with maximum versatility.  This class offers two pricing options.  $550 with Professional Kit & $400 with Economy Kit.

Be at the forefront of hair replacement and extensions industry with this all inclusive class taught by industry innovators.  Step out of hair extensions and into the multi-billion dollar world of hair replacement.
Keratip  Hair Extensions
Cold and Hot Fusion Hair Extensions
Custom Clip-Ins and  Skin Weft Hair Extensions
Lacefront Wigs and Lace Frontals Application
Marketing and  Advertising Techniques

$2000 includes Master Hair Extension Kit retail Value of $650*

* classes include the following:
Practice Hair &; Mannequin

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